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Get a professional headshot to promote your business. Show clients who you are, and the heart behind your business with fully customized, high quality commercial photography.

Every great business depends on great people. Whether you’re opening a private practice, leading a company, or establishing your brand as a professional artist, you want your prospective clients to know about you and your team’s passion for the work you do.

Demonstrate your professionalism and grow your business with my high quality commercial photography services.

I have a keen eye for identifying my clients’ unique strengths and personalities, producing images that are interesting, yet professional representations of your business and personal brand.

You want to:

  • Show your clients what you do
  • As well as show them who you are
  • Establish your new private practice with high quality professional commercial photos
  • Update your company’s staff photos with professional group portraits of the full team
  • Stand out as an industry leader with executive headshot photos
  • Grow your personal brand as an entrepreneur with professional portraits

My services:

I take highly customized, flexible, and affordable commercial photos to showcase professionals across a wide range of industries, including dentists, doctors, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and more.


  • A talent for representing the human side of your business in a way that looks compelling and natural
  • Reliable, high quality professional photography
  • Affordable rates
  • Fully customized, flexible photo sessions on location 

My Difference:

Customized photo sessions

Unlike many other photographers, I don’t restrict you to a pre-set photography package. Instead, we’ll work together to identify your specific goals for the commercial photos and design a custom photography package that meets your needs best.

Authentic, yet professional photography style

My strength is in finding the visual elements that are unique and interesting in both people and places.

Through many years of professional practice, I’ve learned how to strike the right balance and achieve photos that stand out for their originality, but still maintain a professional and appealing tone.

Reliable quality

You can count on me to travel where needed for photo shoots on location, as well as produce professional photos that meet high quality standards. I know how much of a difference top quality photos can make for a business, so I work to ensure that all of my photography services are top-notch.


Many of my clients are small business owners who need to work within a budget. I’ve structured my pricing to meet the need for affordability with the need for exceptional quality.

Stand out in your industry with unique, high quality commercial photography.

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