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Showcase your fitness achievment and body confidence with high quality portraits.

Whether it is a major weight loss, body building, or great general fitness, you have worked hard to bring out your bodies best. Every step in your phycical transformation required incredible dedication, commitment, and effort. You deserve to properly recognize and celebrate your fitness achievements.

My fully customized fitness photography can make all the difference.

I’ve photographed many different fitness competitors, trainers and models over the years. I have developed a keen eye for the type of fitness photograph that will showcase your accomplishments and will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

You want to:

  • Establish your presence and personal brand as a fitness professional
  • Showcase your latest achievement as a competitive fitness athlete
  • Highlight a major weight loss or fitness goal with before and after photos
  • Prepare professional photos for your modelling portfolio
  • Celebrate your confidence and achievement with a personal fitness portrait session

My services:

I offer one-of-a-kind fitness portraits that are personalizedflexible, and affordable.


  • High quality portraits
  • Reasonable rates
  • Extensive experience photographing all types of  fitness competitors
  • Strong ability to identify and photograph what makes you unique, memorable and marketable
  • Engaging photo sessions that produce relaxed, authentic images of you
  • Full flexibility in shooting locations, lighting, and wardrobe changes

My difference:

Flexible photo shoot locations

Rather than limit you to a designated studio space, I come to you in the surrounding area near Kingston, Toronto, or Ottawa. I shoot beautiful on-location photos wherever you prefer, whether it’s your favourite gym, outdoors, or at home. I’m also happy to arrange for a space that suits your needs.

Personalized photo sessions

At the start of each photo session, I’ll assess your unique strengths, personality, and goals for the photos. This way, I can design a portrait session that reflects an authentic representation of you and brings out your best features.

Relaxed, engaging style

I design every photo session to be relaxed and flexible. My photo sessions are never rushed and I work with you throughout the shoot to make sure that you are feeling as comfortable and natural as possible.

When you’re at ease, it shows. You’ll notice a tremendous difference in the quality of the final photos depicting an engaging, genuine portrait of you in your best light.

Every client is different, so I also try to allow lots of room for experimentation throughout the photo shoot. If needed, I can accommodate multiple outfit or lighting changes as we find the look that suits you best.


Most importantly, I focus on offering my fitness photography services at an exceptionally high quality for an affordable rate.

When you have made such a tremendous effort to transform your body, you want to commemorate your achievement with images that are beautiful and unique, but also within budget. A fitness portrait session should be a positive expereince. 

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