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What is a lifestyle photographer? - Part 2


Part 2

I am a Kingston based photographer. This is my second blog on being a lifestyle photographer. Here I want to continue to explain what a lifestyle photographer does?


A lifestyle photographer photographs people. Who they are, their accomplishments, their goals, and their relationships.


Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that aims to capture important moments in peoples lives. The primary goal of these photos is to tell something about the subject. A lifestyle photographer draws from many disciplines of photography such as fitness photography, portrait photography, maternity photography, family photography, and engagement and wedding photography. In addition I cover sports photography, fashion photography, commercial photography, even street photography.


Everyone has a story. Everyone has interesting aspect in their lives. My job is to capture that. I photograph important events, as well as everyday events. I photograph people with their families and partners. I photograph activities. Rather than take photographs that are posed and awkward I photograph what is important in your life. I am always on the lookout for special moments to capture.

Lifestyle photography covers a lot of ground.



Set 2 - Maternity photography, family photography, wedding and engagement photography.


What important events have happened within your personal life.

1)Maternity photography. There are many important events in a person’s life. Without a doubt maternity has to be one of the big ones. I had shot Destiny many times in the past but I was particularly flattered when she asked me to do a maternity shoot. This type of shot requires a lot of trust on the part of the client. I think the photo captures a special level of peacefulness and serenity.


2)Newborn photography. Newborns don’t stay newborns for long. They grow up very quickly. This is a photo of baby Alex at two and half months.


3)Family photography. This is a photo of young toddler Maya. She was about two and a half when I took this photo. Her parents and I had gone for a walk. She was curious about who I was and what I was doing and turned out to be an excellent subject.


4)Family photography. Sometimes the best shots just happen. As a photographer I had better be ready. We were in the middle of a family shoot. The mom had stepped away for a moment to get changed when I shot this photo of the dad and his small son sharing a laugh. When I work with families I like to start off with a plan. But as the session progresses we often depart from that plan as everybody begins to relax. Often times that is when I get the best shots.


5)More family photography. Here is another shot of a dad and his young son. I was photographing in a gym that day. He came by with his son to see how things were going. They stepped in front of the backdrop for a couple of shots. The best part of this photo is the look that they are sharing.


Wedding photography is a category all to itself

6)Wedding photography deserves its own blog entry. Here I am just touching on wedding photography. I like to catch special moments before they disappear. I was shooting a wedding in Mexico. The wedding party was just heading down to the beach for the ceremony. The bride was a few steps ahead of everyone when she turned around to look at her husband to be. The look of excitement on everyones face couldn’t be planned.

I am a Kingston based lifestyle photographer. I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario. Let me tell your story.


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Hi Bryce.

Michael and I would like to thank you for providing us with such amazing photos of our special day.

You went above and beyond to ensure that we would be pleased with the end results. You were not only professional and knowledgeable and patient but you went out of your way to find the perfect locations to make our day fun and memorable.

We would recommend your services to anyone that has a desire to have fun and expect the best!

Winter is a challenge to make fun but you nailed It!

Thank you!

Penny and Michael.


Mike and Penny

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