Wedding Photography - Capturing Moments of your Special Day


Sitting poolside


Children playing


Looking into each others eyes


Running down the beach


On the pier


Stealing a kiss


Looking at downtown Kingston


The groom is looking at his beautiful bride


The bride surrounded by her bridesmaids


First dance


Under the trestle bridge


The kiss

Wedding Photography

Capturing the Moments of Your Special Day

Wedding photography is special. It is part fashion photography, part portrait photography, part family photography. 


It is important to know how to pose individuals, as well as organize groups for the larger family shots, all while taking natural light and flash photography into consideration as the day progresses.  


The photographer you choose must inherently know the shots that need to be captured throughout the day, anticipate those moments, and be ready — camera in hand. 


While all this is happening, the photographer must be able to spot the special, unanticipated moments. This might be the groom sharing a laugh with one of his buddies, or a bridesmaid giving the bride a big hug before she heads down the aisle. 


What it comes down to is this: the more experience a wedding photographer has at all types of photgraphy, the better.


After all, your wedding is a big day – perhaps the biggest day of your life. After everything is all over and the cake has been cut, and the guests have gone home, all you will have left are your photographs. It’s important to get them right. 


But how do you choose a wedding photographer? How do you know who is actually good at what he or she does…not just expensive? My advice is to start by viewing the online portfolios of photographers you are considering for your wedding day. Ask yourself whether or not the photos demonstrate a wide breadth of experience.


After all, you want your photographs to capture the energy, the emotion and the excitement of the day, as well as the beauty of the bride and groom.


Since the beginning of my career, I have photographed close to 1,000 different photography sessions, many of these were weddings. During this time, I have learned how to anticipate the shot and execute it precisely.


I know what to look for in order to capture the key moments of the day, and the small, special exchanges between loved ones that nobody but a photographer with a trained eye would notice. 


With my editing skills, I’ll make sure your photos leave a lasting impression on all who view them, and assemble all the images in an album for you. 


Come visit me at the Timeless Memories Bridal show on Jan. 7 at St Lawrence College. I will have a booth there and will be more than happy to answer any of your questions!



I am a Kingston based photographer. I photograph weddings and engagements as well as individuals, families and family events. I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario.


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Jess Zawadowicz - Burlingston fitness trainer

1) I'm extremely happy with the finished photos! I couldn't have even expected them to look that amazing! You just can't put a price on work like that! And even so, the investment was well worth it! I'll be booking round two in the near future  /react-text   react-text: 188   /react-text 

2) The photo session felt effortless and had a really good flow and comfort level! Especially since I am not fluent in photography or posing for that matter, it meant a lot to feel like I was moving freely without hesitation or any awkwardness. Thank you for making those four hours just fly by!  /react-text 

3) I would definitely use Bryce Photography again! No questions asked, Bryce is my top pick!  /react-text 

4) I'm a huge believer in supporting people who are passionate about what they do and Bryce really has a passion for photography and all the creativity that goes with it! It's undeniable! In saying that, I would gladly recommend Bryce Photography to anyone looking for any kind of photo session, fitness related or otherwise!  /react-text 

5) To be honest, I really don't have any recommendations for you to improve your service! Everything was exceptional, from top to bottom! Just keep doing what you're doing and loving it!! Incredible work!


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