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Top Tips for a Successful Engagement Photo Session

Kicking off your wedding fun with an engagement photo session? Not only is it a great opportunity to get to know your photographer, it’s also a chance to get more comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

Book your hair and makeup trial, and read on for my top tips on how to make your engagement photos pop – now and forever.

Consider the Time of Day

Love the idea of a romantic sunset serving as the backdrop to your engagement photos? You’re on the right track! The lighting just before nightfall will cast a romantic glow over your faces, and make your photos absolutely pop.

Choose Your Clothing with Care

With the rise of Pinterest, it’s easy to get carried away with inspiration from other couples. Keep in mind, though, that your photos should accurately reflect you. If you’re usually kicking around in plaid shirts and jeans, stay away from overly formal clothing; you’ll just be uncomfortable and that’s all you notice in your final photos.

One more word of advice? Try to coordinate with each other, but don’t try to match.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to where you’ll have your engagement photos taken, choose wisely. It’s important to select a location that actually means something to you, such as a park you frequent together for walks with your dog.

Nothing coming to mind? That’s okay! Luckily, we live in an area that offers a surplus of gorgeous options, like Lake Ontario Park, Fort Henry, or Lemoine Point Conservation Area. If you’re still unsure where you want your photos taken, just ask me! Together, we’ll come up with a list of options you’ll love.

Don’t Be So Serious!

You’re engaged! It’s okay to let loose, have some fun, and let your personalities shine through. Don’t be afraid to laugh, play, cuddle with and kiss each other during your session. I promise the love between you will be evident in the photos!

Prop It Up

I love it when couples bring along props to their engagement photo sessions; they’re a great way to showcase who you are as a couple and can even help nervous brides and grooms feel more at ease while their photos are being taken.

Love to read? Bring along some books. Enjoy cuddling together on the couch? Pack your favourite blanket. The options are endless!

One More Thing Before You Go…

Above all else, try to remember this: the purpose of your engagement photos is to celebrate your love. Try to relax and don’t overthink everything! Sometimes, the best thing to do is just have some fun and enjoy each other’s company. And above all else: smile!

Congrats on your engagement! I can’t wait to work with you! 

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Hi Bryce.

Michael and I would like to thank you for providing us with such amazing photos of our special day.

You went above and beyond to ensure that we would be pleased with the end results. You were not only professional and knowledgeable and patient but you went out of your way to find the perfect locations to make our day fun and memorable.

We would recommend your services to anyone that has a desire to have fun and expect the best!

Winter is a challenge to make fun but you nailed It!

Thank you!

Penny and Michael.


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