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Anya Droug-artist-portrait-paintings-photography-character-personality

Anya Droug

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Gordon Shadrach

Andrew Duff-artist-portrait-paintings-photography-character-personality

Andrew Duff





Zara Dinez-artist-portrait-paintings-photography-character-personality

Zara Dinez

Allan O'Mara-artist-portrait-paintings-photography-character-personality

Allan O'Mara

Callie Grey-artist-portrait-paintings-photography-character-personality

Callie Grey

How is a portrait different from a headshot

How is a Portrait Different From a Headshot - Show the World Who You are


There are two types of photographs: photos that show what you look like, and photos that show who you are. 

When it comes to business photography, perhaps the category of “photos that show what you do” can also be added.

A few years ago, I photographed a number of Toronto artists. Almost all of them had websites. There were always a few headshots, and maybe a shot or two of them in their studio. The websites themselves, though, always focused on the artist’s work. This is what they were selling or promoting. As I met them, however, I was starting to realize that their art made a lot more sense to me when I know more about the artist was behind it. Rather than concentrating my photos on their artwork, I thought it would be more interesting to concentrate on the artists themselves. The artwork was always in the photos, but it served as a backdrop instead of being the subject.

Let’s take a look at this idea from another perspective.

Most of us are in business of one sort or another. An important element of our business is our relationship with our clients, which has a lot to do with our personality. Photographs are a great way to show our personality.

So how do you photograph personality? I set the stage to allow personalities to come out. As I am photographing someone, I allow personality to show through.

Most clients have expectations about what photos will look like. or at least what they should look like in photos, which can often mean it takes them a little while to relax. They want to project a certain image.

We work through these images and usually end up at a point where they are relaxed, finally letting their guard down. In a way, they forget they posing for the camera. I am still giving direction, but only in a very general sense.

Many of us have two faces. We have the face we wear out in public when we do not know the people around us, and then we have the face we show to close friends. This is the face I am after. It is the legitimate, authentic face, and it almost always makes a better photograph. Your close friends will recognize it for sure, but even acquaintances and colleagues will have seen it from time to time.

This type of photography is about capturing real life moments - genuine, candid expressions, that do not look posed, with entirely genuine smiles. In the best case scenario, the subject forgets that I am even there.

I like these photos because years later we look back on them and we say, “Wow — I have seen that look before!”

Even though we are looking for a candid look, the photos themselves are not candid. The subjects are all posed quite carefully. The lights are all set up to create an atmosphere. All it takes, after the stage is set, is for me to allow subjects to fully be themselves.

I always go into these sessions with several ideas in mind. Some will work better than others. Sometimes a subject just doesn’t like a particular idea, and when that happens, I move on quickly. Rarely does the entire session go as we planned.

But if you are considering getting a portrait done, think about who you are. How do your friends view you? What about your spouse? Your children? Show the world who you are.

These photos above are of artists. But the emphasis is on the artist — not on the art. 



I am a Kingston based photographer. I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario. 


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