Shooting on competition day


Shooting on competition day is rewarding and challenging at the same time

Shooting on competition day


I am a Kingston based fitness photographer. I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario


Shooting fitness photography on location.

When I shoot fitness photography outside I like to have several locations all lined up. It is important that the locations I choose are suitable for the time of day that we are shooting. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes I just have to wing it. 

Fitness photography on competition day

When I get asked to photograph fitness competitors on competition day this usually means a session between the morning show and the afternoon show. What I like about it is that the competitors are in top form. They are excited, full of energy and fun to work with. But it can be challenging in that I don’t have a lot of time to scout out the area properly and plan the shoot. So I try to find some spots very close to the competition venue. This keeps the logistics under control. All I need is a few feet of interesting background and we are in business. Midday lighting can be a problem but as long as I am careful everything works out just fine. 

Photos 1,2

These photos are from a fitness photoshoot of Stephanie and Sarah at the Winston Roberts Open. I took these photographs within a block or two of the venue in downtown Burlington. We were right out in the open on a Saturday afternoon and there were lots of people around. The spectators were polite and very accommodating. If someone hadn’t seen a fitness photoshoot before they might want to know what this shoot was all about and who are these girls are. Most of the time they moved on after a minute or two. In fact when we had a few onlookers it energized the girls even more. 

Photos 3,4

These fitness photographs are of Stefani and Alicia from the Ontario Natural Championships in London. I was not familiar with downtown London and we didn't have a lot of time but I was quickly able to find some locations that worked out well. The back lighting on Stefani and the soft side lighting on Alicia is very flattering.


am a Kingston based fitness photographer. I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario. 


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Jess Zawadowicz - Burlingston fitness trainer

1) I'm extremely happy with the finished photos! I couldn't have even expected them to look that amazing! You just can't put a price on work like that! And even so, the investment was well worth it! I'll be booking round two in the near future  /react-text   react-text: 188   /react-text 

2) The photo session felt effortless and had a really good flow and comfort level! Especially since I am not fluent in photography or posing for that matter, it meant a lot to feel like I was moving freely without hesitation or any awkwardness. Thank you for making those four hours just fly by!  /react-text 

3) I would definitely use Bryce Photography again! No questions asked, Bryce is my top pick!  /react-text 

4) I'm a huge believer in supporting people who are passionate about what they do and Bryce really has a passion for photography and all the creativity that goes with it! It's undeniable! In saying that, I would gladly recommend Bryce Photography to anyone looking for any kind of photo session, fitness related or otherwise!  /react-text 

5) To be honest, I really don't have any recommendations for you to improve your service! Everything was exceptional, from top to bottom! Just keep doing what you're doing and loving it!! Incredible work!


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