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I call myself a lifestyle photographer. But what is a lifestyle shoot?

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Lifestyle photography - Here is a great example.

Here is a great example of lifestyle photography!

Fitness isn’t all about six packs, being shredded and looking lean and ripped. Sometimes it is about changing the way you live in order to find a healthier lifestyle. When Kristina first contacted me she was just finishing her 12 month fitness challenge. Over the last year she had lost over 50 pounds. Proper diet and regular workouts had become part of Kristina’s everyday routine.

She was looking for a series of photographs to show how her life had changed. From our initial conversation I was pretty sure she would be fun to shoot. But I had to think of a way to approach it. I did not know her before she started her fitness challenge so I couldn’t do a typical before and after shot. I decided to focus on what she had become. That is energetic, enthusiastic, and positive.

That is why when she started I wanted to avoid shooting her do a series of workout poses in gym gear. Rather I suggested she dresss as if she was going out with her husband for dinner. We shot in downtown Ottawa, right on the corner of ideas and Sussex. It is a busy area and there were all kinds of pedestrians walking closely by. Some were curious about what we were doing. Almost all were very complimentary and polite. Initially Kristina was a little self conscious, but this passed after 5-10 minutes. And she really started to enjoy herself. This had really become a lifestyle shoot.

I focused on her enthusiasm and big smile.

Eventually we did work in some workout shots in a park close to downtown. Again I concentrated on keeping the emphasis on her having fun.No serious shots here.

Kristina looks forward to heading to the gym everyday. She eats better and she takes care of herself. Most importantly she enjoys life and it shows.

I am a Kingston based photographer. I shoot portraits, families, business, corporate, weddings and couples. And of course fitness and lifestyle photography.  I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario. Talk to me about your photography requirements.


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Jess Zawadowicz - Burlingston fitness trainer

1) I'm extremely happy with the finished photos! I couldn't have even expected them to look that amazing! You just can't put a price on work like that! And even so, the investment was well worth it! I'll be booking round two in the near future  /react-text   react-text: 188   /react-text 

2) The photo session felt effortless and had a really good flow and comfort level! Especially since I am not fluent in photography or posing for that matter, it meant a lot to feel like I was moving freely without hesitation or any awkwardness. Thank you for making those four hours just fly by!  /react-text 

3) I would definitely use Bryce Photography again! No questions asked, Bryce is my top pick!  /react-text 

4) I'm a huge believer in supporting people who are passionate about what they do and Bryce really has a passion for photography and all the creativity that goes with it! It's undeniable! In saying that, I would gladly recommend Bryce Photography to anyone looking for any kind of photo session, fitness related or otherwise!  /react-text 

5) To be honest, I really don't have any recommendations for you to improve your service! Everything was exceptional, from top to bottom! Just keep doing what you're doing and loving it!! Incredible work!


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