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How I Photograph Children


Running down the road


Caterpillars on a bush


Walking through the Trillium Patch


A child on the dock in the morning


Young child early in the morning


Small child in Drumheller


Small child doing a dance

My Six Important Guidelines

Getting nice photographs of your children is a great idea. However photographing young children does come with a number of challenges. Sitting still for photographs is often the last thing they want to do.


My grandson Alex is three years old. He is one of my favourite photo subjects. He taught me that there are six main ideas to keep in mind when photographing children:


  • Let The Child Set The Pace

Alex was visiting last spring and I wanted to take him down to the water to get some photos. But instead he wanted to go up the road. So that is where we went. Because I hadn’t planned this I had to think quickly. I had gotten a little bit ahead of Alex and he started running to catch up with me and I got this photo. Here he is just having a good time on a beautiful morning. This wasn’t my plan that morning but I know I will get good photos even if they aren’t what I was expecting.


  • Children Have a Short Attention Span

Children have a short attention span. It might only be a few minutes. So I start taking photos right away and I keep the photography session moving along quickly. But they also get distracted easily. Alex spotted a bunch of caterpillars on a branch. This was pretty interesting so we had to stop and spend some time there. 


  • I Must Have Patience

Eventually we got moving again. Patience is the key. I can’t be in a rush. Soon he was in the middle of a Trillium patch and I got my photograph. I have to be flexible and things will turn out really well.


  • I Must Get Down

The next morning we did make it down to the water. The morning was cool and the grass was covered in dew. These little guys are not very tall so it is important to get low. I was kneeling in the wet grass for the photograph of Alex on the dock and by the fence. Sometimes I have to lay right down in the grass. I wear clothes that can handle a little bit of abuse. 


  • I Must Be Ready

Alex lives in Alberta. His parents and I were visiting Drumheller. I wanted to get a photgraph of Alex doing his best male model pose. As you can imagine he doesn’t stand around very often with his hands in his pockets. So I knew I was only going to get one chance at this photo. This means I have to anticipate what is coming. I must have the right lens on, set to the right f-stop and ISO number. 


  • I Might Have To Get Silly

Photographing children is no time to be dignified. Alex’s mom asked me to get a few photos of him in his new clothes. But he wasn’t interested in photographs that morning. Sometimes I have to make funny faces  to get things started or maybe make some silly noises. In this case we did a little dance together and pretty soon Alex was showing me his best moves.


Photographs of Your Children are Worth It

For your next family photo session give Bryce Murdoch Photography a try!


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Hi Bryce.

Michael and I would like to thank you for providing us with such amazing photos of our special day.

You went above and beyond to ensure that we would be pleased with the end results. You were not only professional and knowledgeable and patient but you went out of your way to find the perfect locations to make our day fun and memorable.

We would recommend your services to anyone that has a desire to have fun and expect the best!

Winter is a challenge to make fun but you nailed It!

Thank you!

Penny and Michael.


Mike and Penny

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