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Head shots - How can they be used?


Andrew Tonner - Impact Pardons


Andrew Tonner - Impact Pardons


Andrew Tonner - Impact Pardons


Andrew Tonner - Impact Pardons


Andrew Tonner - Impact Pardons


Andrew Tonner - Impact Pardons

Here is a great example of how you can use business headshots

Business portraits or head shots are more important than ever. How can they be used?

Head shot photography

It used to be that a simple headshot was good enough. It showed clients what you look like. Hopefully it was somewhat recent and showed a friendly face. But now almost every business has a website and potential clients want more. They want to know something about you. They want to know who you are and what you do in addition to what you look like.


A good set of photographs can do that. Photographs are versatile. They can be used with a variety of tags or headings to convey a number of messages. 

By the time a prospective client walks into your office he or she already has a favourable opinion of you.

Andrew Tonner runs a company called Impact Pardons (  This is a company that offers a number of services from fingerprinting to passport photos and background checks. But most importantly he deals with clients that need a criminal record suspension.

If you made a mistake in the past you may have a criminal record. You have already paid your debt to society, but the criminal record stays with you. Criminal records can be, and often are, used to discriminate against you by potential employers, lenders and security professionals like border patrol and police officers. They hang over you and can prevent you from getting a job or simply live your life happily. With a record suspension Impact Pardons helps you get the criminal record removed.

Andrew had a series of blogs in mind. He wanted a set of photo head shots he could use with his blogs to convey a variety of messages concerning getting a pardon. Getting a pardon can really change a persons life for the better. But Andrew knows there are many ups and downs along the way.


He wanted to convey to potential clients what to expect. He asked me to photograph him showing a variety of expressions:

01 - ready to start 

02 - it is up to you

03 - what is up with that

04 - forget about it

05 - we have had a setback

06 - smile


For this photoshoot I used a very simple setup with a white background. In order to get a series of legitimate expressions I asked Andrew to talk to me about his job, what was good about it, where the difficulties lay and what were his main frustrations.

I shot several hundred photos over about a 45 minute period. Andrew selected a set that he could use from this group.


This is a good example of one of the ways photographs can be used on a website. Perhaps you want to convey more about your self than you can in a simple headshot. Talk to me. An initial meeting and discussion comes with no obligation. We can discuss what your needs are and how how I can meet those.


I am a Kingston based photographer. I shoot portraits, families, business, corporate, weddings and couples. And of course head shot photography.  I cover all of southern and eastern Ontario. Talk to me about your photography requirements.


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Jess Zawadowicz - Burlingston fitness trainer

1) I'm extremely happy with the finished photos! I couldn't have even expected them to look that amazing! You just can't put a price on work like that! And even so, the investment was well worth it! I'll be booking round two in the near future  /react-text   react-text: 188   /react-text 

2) The photo session felt effortless and had a really good flow and comfort level! Especially since I am not fluent in photography or posing for that matter, it meant a lot to feel like I was moving freely without hesitation or any awkwardness. Thank you for making those four hours just fly by!  /react-text 

3) I would definitely use Bryce Photography again! No questions asked, Bryce is my top pick!  /react-text 

4) I'm a huge believer in supporting people who are passionate about what they do and Bryce really has a passion for photography and all the creativity that goes with it! It's undeniable! In saying that, I would gladly recommend Bryce Photography to anyone looking for any kind of photo session, fitness related or otherwise!  /react-text 

5) To be honest, I really don't have any recommendations for you to improve your service! Everything was exceptional, from top to bottom! Just keep doing what you're doing and loving it!! Incredible work!


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