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Fitness Photography with a one light setup - with Jess Zawadowicz


Photography with only one light


I am a Kingston Based Photographer. I shoot a lot of Fitness Photography.

Jess had worked really hard to prepare for this photoshoot and I wanted to give her some photos that would mark what she had achieved.

Over the course of a few hours we took many shots and used a variety of lighting setups. One of those setups is a one light setup. It is both simple to use and gives dramatic results.


Fitness Photography With A One Light Setup

It was obvious that Jess had worked hard to prepare for this shoot. As a fitness photographer I wanted to emphasize the definition in her shoulders, arms, legs and abs. As a portrait photographer I wanted to capture a bit of her personality. Jess is very focused and very determined and that shows up in these three images.


Photo 1 - 7779

In the first photo my main light is a small soft box to the right. I added a reflector to the left just outside the frame. I wanted strong shadows but because I used a soft box and reflector combination the edges of the shadows are not hard. Jess is looking into the main light. Her face is well lit and we get an interesting profile. Also because the main light is hitting Jess from the side at a high angle it emphasizes the definition she has in her arms and abs. The reflector fills in some of the shadows and lets us see some detail in the dark areas of the photo. 

In this particular case some light hits the black backdrop. It would be easy to adjust how much light hits the backdrop by moving it either closer or farther away from Jess.


Photo 2 - 8328

In the second photo I wanted a completely different look. I set up a single speed light off to my left pointing directly at Jess’s face. I had the speed light zoomed in to the max so as to keep the beam of light quite tight. In this case the shadows are hard. The light falls off quickly both towards the bottom of the photo and behind Jess where it hits the cement brick wall.


Photo 3 - 8320

This is the third one light set up. Again I used a single speed light. It was positioned off to my left pointing directly at Jess and it is set to give a wide beam of light this time. The shadows are very sharp. Because Jess is standing close to the back wall and the flash is quite far away from her the wall is also lit quite brightly.



I try to keep my lighting as simple as possible. As these three photos show it is possible to get very different results while just using one light.


I am a Kingston Portrait Photographer and Fitness Photographer. i cover the area from London, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.


Have a look through the rest of my website. if you will see something that is of interest please contact me at:









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Latest Testimonial

Hi Bryce.

Michael and I would like to thank you for providing us with such amazing photos of our special day.

You went above and beyond to ensure that we would be pleased with the end results. You were not only professional and knowledgeable and patient but you went out of your way to find the perfect locations to make our day fun and memorable.

We would recommend your services to anyone that has a desire to have fun and expect the best!

Winter is a challenge to make fun but you nailed It!

Thank you!

Penny and Michael.


Mike and Penny

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