Extraordinary Resilience


Erin Ball’s Story

All of Erin Ball’s life has centred on movement.

A talented acrobatics professional, Erin built a rewarding career in acrobatics and circus arts. She delivered beautiful performances and led an acrobatics class for adults, specializing in aerial silks and trapeze.

According to Erin, “Circus gives me great joy. I love the exploration, the creativity, sharing, learning, pushing my limits.”

But then one day in March 2014, Erin’s life took a drastic turn.

She went for a walk in the woods, got lost, and wasn’t found for 6 days. When the police dogs finally did find her, Erin was dangerously close to dying from exposure with a body temperature that had dropped to 19 degrees Celsius.

Erin was lucky to be alive, but she had a heavy price to pay.

Both of Erin’s feet were badly frozen and could not be saved. The doctors needed to amputate each below the knee.

Erin spent almost a year in the hospital on a daunting road to recovery. As she notes, “I lost my sense of who I was, of how I fit into the world.”

At the lowest point in this difficult period, Erin made the decision to move forward and rebuild her life. She knew how to fly, but she needed to relearn how to walk.

Erin started wearing prosthetics and retraining herself in aerial silks. With tremendous dedication and resilience, Erin was able to retrain in acrobatics.

Today, Erin is back to doing what she loves.

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