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More and more we are inundated with information, sounds, videos and photographs as well as every other kind of stimulus you can imagine. But quantity of data is not the same as quality. That is why I think we need to make sure that the important things in our lives get remembered with professional photography


You may want professional photos be to celebrate a wedding or to mark the addition of a new member of your family.  Perhaps you have achieved a personal milestone which deserves recording. Or you are growing your business and you are looking for photographs to help you to connect with your clients and customers.


I work closely with you to make sure I understand your needs before we start shooting. My sessions are personalized and flexible. Once the session is underway I will make sure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. 


Why get professional photos? These are my four main reasons for professional photos.

1)Special events - Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements - you want to create memories of them that will last a lifetime.


2)Communication - If you run a business you have clients. You need to talk to your clients.You need to tell them about your products or the services you provide. But more importantly you want to tell them about you. This is where good photography is important.


3)You need to tell a story - You might want to talk about a group, or an activity. Photography is a great way to add impact to a story or an article.


4) And finally photographs can remind us to see what is truly important in life.



Where am i located?

I live in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario. This is located just outside on Kingston, Ontario. I can set up a session for you anywhere in the Kingston, Toronto, or Ottawa area.



Remember everyone deserves extraordinary photos.




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